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Which body type are you ?

which body type are you

What du you think about your size, when you try a new dress  and you see, that the dress´s size is wrong? Forget your size, your shape is individual. Women have diffirent body type and I tell about first 5 Body shape.

O – Body type if:

  • an average breast
  •  tummy is fuller, rounded and bigger than breast
  • rather flat bum
  • OK legs

Never ever wear :

  • tight and big square t-shirt
  • high waised trousers and boyfrend jeans
  • puffa jackets

Best casual look :

  • fastening long sleeved shirt
  • rushed on the middle top
  • tight, under the breast,tummy skimming top
  • flat trouses and jeans
  • tie waist jacket
  • A – line skirt
  • straght coat
  • low wedge

body tape



H – Body type if:

  • shoulders, waist and hips are all about the same width
  • small – medium breast
  • waist is not defined
  • bum is usually more flat and pancake like than round

Never ever wear :

  • straight dress
  • formless tree quartier length jacket and coat
  • dropped weist
  • cropped top

Best casual look :

  • A line skirt or dress
  • single button jacke
  • culotte or slighty flared trousers
  • skinny jeans

H body type


Y – Body type if:

  • a large breast
  • or broad shoulders
  • long legs,
  • narrow hips

Never ever wear :

  • double brewster jacket
  • chunky knit sweaters
  • wird legged sweat pants
  • shift Dress

Best casual look :

  • A – line skirt in heavy fabric
  • empire – line and deep wide neck top or Dress
  • short lacket
  • single – breasted coat
  • low jeans

body tape


A – Body type if:

  • A bum heavy shape
  • A thin and slender neck
  • Narrow or sloping shoulders

Never ever wear :

  • pencil and bias cut skirt
  • skinny jeans
  • ankle straps

Best casual look :

  • wide – leg trouses with flat front
  • belted coat
  • A – line skirt
  • popping necklaces

a body tape


X – Body type if: 

  • bust and hips are curvy, and similarly proportioned
  • waist is defined

body tape

evening in munich evening

evening in Munich


That was my A to your Q. Enjoy your Week!

With my blog I would like women 40+ giving to try something new, maybe just find the courage to change, perhaps just to develop a new stylish lifestyle. Enjoy your time with my blog en vogue over 40. If you like my blog and my style please leave comment or your Q. With love signature