Wedding dress

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Do you planning your wedding? Do you choose a wedding dress? What do you wear, wenn you are mother or granny of the bridal ? Do you’ve invited to the wedding? Are you witness at a marriage ?

Every women ask these questions yourself in life, because summer is the time for weddings , especially in Europe. Wedding dresses  choose it is beautiful time for bride and your family. 

For women after 40 these questions more relevant because she is`t only the bride, but also in the role of mothers, grandmothers, aunts or bridesmaid of the intending spouses. Special wedding dresses revenge takes the lead because of the atmosphere created depends on the holiday and how he remembered engaged couple and guests.

My wedding was in August 1998 year. In this day of torrential rain poured down, but I still remembered the day the solar atmosphere created by my mom and sister, my friends.

Silhouette my bridal dress I invented immediately because my aunt has  bought a piece of Indian silk for wedding dress for me. Silk cut was in a strip-wide white milk band with thin gold thread and high transparent strip so I choices a very simple classic silhouette. Instead of wedding veils, I picked up a transparent shawl. For hairstyles I chose white wreath of roses. Complementary outfit transparent sandals with gold stripe. The wedding dress I meld with a small bouquet of white roses.

my wedding dress

my wedding dress

I have a lot of coments a last year about my ideas for bridal dresses  for women over 40 and I provide my next  ideas. I make collage about wedding in different spot and colours.

Do you like my wedding dress ?

evening in munich evening

evening in Munich


That was my A to your Q. Enjoy your Week!

With my blog I would like women 40+ giving to try something new, maybe just find the courage to change, perhaps just to develop a new stylish lifestyle. Enjoy your time with my blog en vogue over 40. If you like my blog and my style please leave comment or your Q. With love signature  

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